Cheap Eats and Calgary Eats on sale for Calgary’s Big Taste!


Sorry for the long delay between blog posts, I’ve been completely negligent! In fact, I realized that I didn’t even mention that my second app is available on the App Store.

While Cheap Eats 2 is the app version of John Gilchrist’s Cheap Eats 2 book, the second app is Calgary Eats 7. This is the app version of John Gilchrist’s My Favourite Restaurants 7th Edition: Calgary, Banff and beyond. Cheap Eats focuses on the best deals, but Calgary Eats has the best of the best, regardless of price. It also features over 220 restaurants vs 160 for Cheap Eats 2.

Both apps are on sale for 60% off during Calgary’s The Big Taste event, March 2-12. I’d also urge you to get out and try some of the great restaurants in Calgary during this event. Many of them are recommended by the oracle, John Gilchrist himself. My wife and I have already tried out Rasoi and are planning to try Escoba.

Speaking of great Calgary restaurants, I had the good fortune of attending Yelp’s Triple Threat Throwdown event on Monday. The event featured a signature drink and canapé from 3 Calgary restaurants, inspired by a piece of local art. My favourite was from Cassis Bistro, John Gilchrist’s top choice for Best New Restaurant of 2011, as well as Avenue Magazine’s Best New Restaurant of 2012. I had the pleasure of talking to owner Gilles Brassart, who was mixing up “Cassispirinhas”, a new take on the Caipirinha. It’s a delicious cocktail made with sugar cane rum, sugar, and lime. It takes me back to my trips to Portugal and Brazil. Gilles is from France, but lived in San Francisco for 7 years, running a restaurant there. Lucky for us Calgarians, he met his wife there, who hails from Calgary. They moved here and they opened up Cassis Bistro together. This story reminded me of talking to Connie DeSousa at CHARCUT before she became famous on Top Chef Canada. She had been working in the Bay Area at some very elite restaurants, and decided to open her own restaurant with John Jackson. They eventually choose Calgary over Vancouver, New York and San Francisco. As a native Calgarian who lived in the Bay Area, I feel a sense of pride here. San Francisco has amazing food, so it’s amazing to see these great culinary talents setting up shop in Calgary. We are very lucky.

Gilles made my night when he had heard of my apps and liked them, and knew that I used to work at Google. 🙂 I owe it to John Gilchrist for spreading the word! I can’t wait to try out Cassis Bistro. I’m going to take Stacy there to thank her for all the help developing the apps.

PS: I’m nearing completion of an iPad version of the apps that will be a free upgrade, so buy them now while they’re on sale. Stay tuned!

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