I’m giving a talk on iPhone programming tomorrow!


Just a quick note to say that I’m giving a talk tomorrow at YYC Dev Camp #6 held at the University of Calgary. It’s put on by Robots and Pencils, who I do most of my work with.

The description of my topic on various places on the web isn’t great (long story). The topic will be:

Polishing Your App

Tips & Tricks to make your app stand out

Once you have your app functional and feature complete, here are some ways to add a little polish to make it stand out. Things like custom navigation bars, custom back buttons, stretchable images, and animations.

I work with most of the other speakers, and they are some very smart guys who will have definitely have interesting things to say. Come on by if you can. Price is $15 to cover the cost of the venue and food:



Jeremy Gale

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