Presentation slides and code from my “Polishing Your App” YYC Dev Camp talk now available


I’ve released the presentation notes and posted the code from my YYC Dev Camp #6 talk last week.

Presentation Slides

The presentation slides are available here as a PDF.

Hopefully I’ll soon do a blog post to walk through the steps, but for now, the code is available on GitHub in fully functional examples projects. These are released royalty free for your use (but not the included sample images, those are copyrighted).

Custom UINavigationBar and Stretchable Custom Back Button Code

Here is the project that shows how to create custom UINavigationBar background images on both iOS 4 and iOS 5. It also shows how to create a custom back button that has a text-based title (i.e. not baked into the image) using a stretchable image. I originally learned how to do this from iDev Recipes – How do iPhone apps Instagram/Reeder/DailyBooth implement custom NavigationBars with variable width back buttons? but I have refactored the code significantly to make it more modular and easy to use.

Here is the code:

Full Screen Animations – Path-style open book animation and falling star animation

The other sample code shows how to do a couple of full screen animations. First, it performs a Path-style open book animation when the app opens. This will be included in an upcoming version of the John Gilchrist Calgary Eats and Cheap Eats apps. This works on both iPhone  (portrait only) and iPad (in any orientation). It also shows how to do the falling-star animation used in those same apps.


Here is the code:


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